Linux Installation Festival Master Plan


The event will be held at JEA starting from 9:00 a.m. and until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday December 29th 2007.

For this event to work everyone's help is needed. roll-up your sleeves and show us what you can do! :-)

What would people gain from the Linux Feast, besides spreading the words and awareness of freesoftware :

  1. Arabic Language support : Arab eyes fonts, MS fonts
  2. Multimedia Support : Be able to play all sorts of video and DVD,Flash, MP3 ...etc.

What is the thing you are desperate to happen to linux?

Easy installation and administration user interface
0% (0 votes)
Being able to play all types of multimedia and DVD
26% (6 votes)
Support for Arabic Language
0% (0 votes)
Being able to run windows applications
22% (5 votes)
Support your specific hardware
30% (7 votes)
Nothing. I am happy with Linux the way it is
22% (5 votes)
Total votes: 23

Closed - Linux installation festival in Amman - ملتقى تثبيت لينكس في عمان الأردن


يسر مجموعة مستخدمي لينكس دعوتكم لحضور ملتقى تثبيت لينكس ما بين التاسعة صباحا ولغاية التاسعة مساء من يوم السبت التاسع والعشرون من ديسيمبر كانون الأول 2007 في قاعة الزهراء بمجمع النقابات المهنية في الشميساني - عمان.

Linux Installation Feast In Amman!

ملتقى تنصيب لينكس في الأردن

What is your main Internet hookup?

Home DSL
68% (26 votes)
5% (2 votes)
Work LAN
21% (8 votes)
School LAN
0% (0 votes)
3% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
Other (fttp and such)
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 38


We started at 2000 (I think) where Isam Bayazidi has contacted different people who posted their contact information on, then he gathered us, I think we were around 6-8 people, after that different other people started joining us, but we didn't do much, we were like Heppos until a new comer came on named Yaman Saqqa and his gang Zaid Ameera and worst of all Ammar Ibrahim, they were seriously infected and they were a hopeless case of enthusiasm, so Yaman has started it by booking us a day and a place at the "Unions Complex" where we made our first (and last) installation festival.


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