Closed - Meeting Sat 27th January 2007

Meeting Sat 27th January 2007

Salam Alaikum ALL

I am happy to announce a JOLUG meeting:

1- Time: 1:00 PM Sat 27th January 2007

2- Place : Paris Cafe - Dwwar Alhawouz, Jabal Al lwaibdeh

3- What:

Topic1: Jolug Organization and Responsibilities assignments.

Topic2: Salam Alaikum, Hello and How are you?

4- Seats available: Unlimited. Confirm attendance please.

5- Cost: Table Orders

Please confirm by posting a comment. Just so we can give the place an idea how many to expect.

Insha'Allah we get to see you all there.

Wassalam Alaikum Wr Wb




coming inshallah


count me in


coming N sha'a allah