Closed - Lecture Fri 12th January 2007

Lecture Fri 12th January 2007

Salam Alaikum ALL

I am happy to announce a JOLUG Lecture:

1- Time: 6:30 PM Fri 12th January 2007

2- Place : ITUniversity - Mujama3 Salim - Queen Rania St - 300 m west of Dawwar Al Madinah Alriyadiyah

3- What: State of affair for SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol). SRTP (RFC 3711) is mainly designed to protect VoIP conversations from eavesdropping and replay attacks. The focus will be
interoperability between different implementations for this SRTP.

4- Who: Mohammad Halawah (no bio yet) but he is a good guy.

5- Seats available: 18 max. Pls confirm your attendance.

5- Cost: free as in no money.

Insha'Allah we get to see you (18 of you) there.

Wassalam Alaikum Wr Wb



Photos from the Lecture

i tried to post photos here but its not possible
so i will post links here