Closed - Meeting Friday 1st Decmber 2006

Salam Alaikum ALL

I am happy to announce a JOLUG meeting:

1- Time: 6:00 PM Fri 1st Decmber 2006 Next Friday.

2- Place : View Cafe - Next to Jordan University. Post Directions please.

3- What:

Topic1: Lecture Meetings Plans. Topics, Location, Times.

Topic2: Salam Alaikum, Hello and How are you?

4- Seats available: Unlimited. Bring your friends. Confirm attendance please.

5- Cost: Table Orders

Please confirm by posting a comment. Just so we can give the place an idea how many to expect.

Insha'Allah we get to see you all there.

Wassalam Alaikum Wr Wb




I am comming, it will be the first meeting for me, c u


I am coming ... See you all there


Confirm my attendance to the meeting.