Closed - Mansaf meeting Saturday 26th January 2008

Asslam Alaikum wr wb

I would like to announce to all of you a lunch and a gathering in downtown Amman.

We have 2 events planned. Reqab and Mansaf are on the menu at the famous Alquds Restaurant. Followed by a meeting at Coffee Shop near by.

1 - Time: 1:00 PM Lunch Al Quds Restaurant

2- Time: 2:00 PM "Qahwet el-jam3ah el-3arabeya" across the street from Hashim.

Date: Saturday 26th January 2008

What: Yum Yum

Who: Every one is welcome to attend. A great opportunity to mingle and get to know the new members. Please CONFIRM if you are coming for Alquds.

Expected Duration: 1 Hour Lunch.. Yo have to be there at 1:00 PM

Cost: Price of food and drinks. 4-6JD Lunch. .3-.5JD drinks.

We need to know if you are coming to arrange seatings with Alquds. Please confirm with a comment below.

Hope to see all of you there



The event was a great

The event was a great success.

Many showed up without confirming. It worked fine.

Great company and great food. I had lots of fun.

See you all next time.

Count me in. Although I will

Count me in. Although I will be quite confused on which dish to pick : mansaf or regab. :-)
- Kefah.

Yum Yum Linux

I will be there too insha allah, its Mansaf day
Khamis Siksek (saksoook)


insha'Allah I will be there for lunch at 12:50 .. I will order at 1:00 sharp.