Linux Installation Festival Master Plan


The event will be held at JEA starting from 9:00 a.m. and until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday December 29th 2007.

For this event to work everyone's help is needed. roll-up your sleeves and show us what you can do! :-)

What would people gain from the Linux Feast, besides spreading the words and awareness of freesoftware :

  1. Arabic Language support : Arab eyes fonts, MS fonts
  2. Multimedia Support : Be able to play all sorts of video and DVD,Flash, MP3 ...etc.
  3. Driver support : Include NVIDIA, ATI, and Wireless drivers
  4. A cool collection of software : Nice games and apps (FrozenBubbles, Powermagna, Tux paint, Openoffice, gimp, audacity, ...)

Here the master plan ...

A - Organizers List
B - Publicizing the Event
C - Sponsors
D - Place Preparations

A. Organizers List :

Here is the initial organizers list, the more the merrier. Badges
will be prepared for every one who confirms attendance.
1. Alaa Ibrahim
2. Nasim Al-Tamimi
3. Ammar Ibrahim
4. Al-Faisal El-Dajani
5. Jad Madi
6. Obada Saqqa
7. Kefah Issa
8. Aram Yegenian
9. Mousa Nassar
10. Mahmoud Alnaanah

    B - Publicizing the Event :

- Brochure : another version of the brochure will be prepared based
on the first one. it will be delivered by saturday the 15th. it should
additionally include :
o JoLug website :,
o Google mailing list :,
o Telephone contacts : 0777809990 (this is a secondary mobile that
I have -- nice and easy number, other mobiles could be added)
o Sponsors logos.

The brochure MUST be ready by sunday mornrning so university
students couldn't place it in their faculties.

Once the brochure is ready, the follwing events will immediatly start ...
- Facebook event.
- Word of mouth
- Brochures to Universities
- JORMALL Email shot.
- Let radio stations talk about us : Fan, Swat el madenah, Hayat FM .... etc.
- Invite Magazines and newspapers to cover the event
- JoLUG Mailing List Registration Form (paper form to be filled by visitors)

    C - Sponsors :

    - In addition to the voluntary help of the LUG organizers, we are
    seeking sponsors. Sponsors should never pay any thing in cash, just
    services and material.
    - Currently two companies are in the sponsors list : ITU and
    FREESOFT, providing the following, and potentially more :
    o ITU : 100 DVD's + 50 CD's with covers
    o Freesoft : 500 Printed Brochures
    o Freesoft : Badges
    o Freesoft : 2Mbps WiMax + WiFi wireless router + network cables.
    o Freesoft : Prepare a customized distro based on Fedora : with
    the four core points above covered + sponsors on wall paper and
    firefox bookmarks.
    o ITU : Projector
    o ITU : 2 LCD's, keyboards, and mice for people who bring their cases only.
    o ITU : A free course prize

    - We could contact more sponsors : Alghad newspaper, nescafe, umniah ...etc.

      D - Place preparations :

    - The event manager would be Obada Saqqa, taking care of any urgent
    issues related to the place.
    - Water, plastic cups, and tissues : Obada let me know if JEA can't
    provide this.
    - Hot drinks : Coffee, Tea, ... etc. : Obada let me know if JEA can't
    provide this.
    - Power and electricity
    - Placement for projector
    - Revolution OS with Arabic subtitle will be played, while Ammar is
    not presenting.
    - All participants should make the proper warning that installing
    linux could potentially destroy all data on harddisk.