Google crap. Enough is Enough.

Salaam all,

I wonder if any of you is able to change the Google's SafeSearch options to anything other than Use strict filtering ?

In any browser on any platform?

click on the preferences link on the right of the search field and test please.

I can change all options except for SafeSearch Filtering options. It keeps reverting back to Use Strict filtering.

There is a rumor that that these options are allowed on a per country basis. Or, that your ISP could decide it.

Many here keep talking about certain corporation as if it is the ultimate evil Well, Has anyone thought of the power google is silently gaining or the one they already have? Google has enough information on you to profile you. A corporation has no business building a profile for you. This is lengthy discussion. I will save for another thread.

Please send back your reply asap.


Aram Yegenian


i did have the same problem, i'm on orange and firefox, can't confirm if i still have the problem though. i vaguely remember once i deleted the whole profile and it worked, might be a firefox thing.

you can use tor to determine if its an ISP thing.

take a look at this, search for safesearch
you can force firefox without setting cookies for safesearch to be turned off.


Salam all,

I'm now in KSA, here in -> preferences there is no "SafeSearch Filtering" options at all !!

I tried and it works, I can change SafeSearch Filtering to any of the three options.

IE7 & last Firefox


Ibrahim Y I am able to

Ibrahim Y

I am able to change the option, I am on Firefox,Opera / Batelco.

well, for a very long time I

well, for a very long time I couldn't change it on my account, ISPs (orange, tedata, cyberia, also tried it via ssh forwarding on servers in US and GB, the same issue) I tried it with Firefox, Opera and Epiphany with no luck
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Ala'a A. Ibrahim

These were [posted on the mailing list:

Salam Ahmad,

I am not sure thus far. I said there is arumor becaseu that is what it is a rumor.

I am on Orange dsl too. Yes some times it goes away and I am able to change safe search options. This is more suspicious. I remember few times when, Wanadoo at the time had proxy problems, and all login attempts to gmail were sent to a router or proxy device they had. This happened 2 times. Probably at install and upgrade times.

Anyway, Lets here what the others (no Lost connection) have to say. :D

Please send your ISP along with your experience. We can easily isolate who is doing what this way.


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On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 4:04 PM, Ahmad Abu Gharbieh <> wrote:

Dear abdullah,

i dont think this has anything to do with ISPs or countries
i used to face the same problem when i was in jordan connected via
orange, it magically disappeared after a while!!

i used to use IE6 as well as firefox on linux and windws
sometimes i could change the option sometimes i couldnt

couldn't find an explanation though.. would appreciate if someone has one :)

ps: i never deleted any cached files