We started at 2000 (I think) where Isam Bayazidi has contacted different people who posted their contact information on http://lugww.counter.li.org, then he gathered us, I think we were around 6-8 people, after that different other people started joining us, but we didn't do much, we were like Heppos until a new comer came on named Yaman Saqqa and his gang Zaid Ameera and worst of all Ammar Ibrahim, they were seriously infected and they were a hopeless case of enthusiasm, so Yaman has started it by booking us a day and a place at the "Unions Complex" where we made our first (and last) installation festival.

After that we had another seriously infected guy called Abdullah, he was organized and he wanted us to do more, so we started contacting sponsers and we had a very beautiful place in Gardens st. (I need the name) where we used to gather and make some sessions, real discussions and some social meetings after that another bigger place called ITU sponsered our meetings, they gave us machines, laboratory, whiteboard, projector and everything we needed or asked for to do our sessions which were expanded to training sessions, where we gave sessions about Linux, Scripting, PHP, firewalls, and different other topics.

We were on the top, we had everything between our hands and suddenly we started to fade out and disappear!! Now we are back again we have some new seriously infected people and some old infected people who still have the belief in Jordan, in people and in the JoLUG mission and want to have everything back again.