Jolug activities will be conducted twice a month. Evening and Afternoon times were chosen to accommodate your times. Friday and Saturday were chosen for the same reason.

First Friday of the month @ 6:00 PM
Place: Depending on activity type.

Third Saturday of the month @ 1:00 PM
Place: Depending on activity type.

The activities times and dates are subject to change. Please bring your ideas with you..

Always check the Next Meeting INFO Page before you show up. Confirmation is a must.

1- Meetings: General gatherings in coffee shops like settings. Informal social get together with open discussions. Benefits: We like to put a face to the email address. :D

2- Lectures: A well prepared presentation by one or a group presented in a University or College amphitheater. A list of available places and their contacts needs to be maintained.

We can send a presenter upon an invitation from other institutions. A topic+presenter list maintenance is being prepared.

3- Workshops: Jolug members attend a workshop covering a subject matter of a particular interest that is coordinated over IRC, Mailing list, blogs.. ITU/Savvytek has gracefully offered the use of their facility. Capacity 15 person.

We can have a small/short lesson about a specific application, utility, command, or technique followed by a QA session.

4- Events: Trade shows, exhibition stands, scientific fairs..... every where... I need a list of all possible events that we _could_ participate in. We benefit from exposure to various people from all walks of life. Renew the gene pool

5- Installation Festivals: Once or twice a year depending on volunteers, places, ......... Benefits: help someone make their first linux install while attended by our gurus or at least witness how it is done.. I believe we should time it at the beginning of the academic year. Or, First week of spring semester. Proposals are open.